Nell's presents

BSA presents Barry Hendy

Friday 3rd June

Tickets £6.50   | Doors 19:30

Barry Hendy

Sitting somewhere between David Bowie and Elton John, you will find Barry Hendy. Utilising his dynamic range, creative lyrical storytelling and vocal versatility, Barry is a future prince of pop.

Growing up in London, Hendy was surrounded by music, he came from a very musical family and his grandmother was infatuated with classic male singers like; Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley, which inevitably influenced him and his love for music.

Writing his first song at 10, Barry soon became obsessed with writing lyrics and along with his love for singing, he started frequently performing both in and outside of school, and soon enough, there was no other dream in sight.

Jessie Faulkner

Born and raised in South East London, Jessie Faulkner is a 20 year old singer song-writer who explores unique musical worlds in her songs.
A Laura Marling and Jade Bird love child, her wide-ranging influences stem from Billy Joel, Simon and Garfunkel, Rayland Baxter and Otis Redding. As well as country and bluegrass classics like Dolly Parton and Emmylou Harris played to her as a child.
Her music centres around mature, observational lyrics that explore storytelling, framed with soaring catchy melodies and melancholy guitar.


Currently an unsigned artist, Saskia has a unique jazz-infused sound. Saskia remembers hearing Norah Jones being played around the house for as long as she can remember and deems it the ‘soundtrack’ to her younger years; Such influences can be seen in her music.

Saskia recalls writing journal entries even before her musical interests pointed her in the direction of songwriting. With her own fascination of introspection and self-reflection, she hopes that her music is that of an anecdotal nature. Raised in the south of England, Saskia’s music is colloquial, raw and brutally honest in a way that captures you.

Saskia’s debut single ‘Socks’ was played on BBC introducing Devon and was selected as the ‘fave find’ of the week. Radio presenter Sarah Gosling expressed her praise after playing ‘Socks’ on her weekly BBC introducing show. “Such a gorgeous, rich, effortless tone to her voice and that rolling kind of jazz vibe, so good!”


ANDREA is pushing boundaries with her music. Taking inspiration from her roots, born in Norway with chilean family, growing up in Spain, and now being based in London. The 20 year old singer/songwriter/producer released 3 singles at the end of 2021, and is now ready to take on 2022 with more music lined up.  ANDREA is fronting female artists/producers to the fullest, being hands on with her projects, writing and producing all of the songs herself. Live she brings her drummer brother to make a great sounding show filled with energy, dancing, and incredible vocals!

Bethany Nelson

With her soaring vocals and incredibly detailed lyrical stories, Bethany could have you hating that one person and then missing them all in the same song, tugging on all the heartstrings in the room.

Hailing from the highlands of Scotland, she originally took inspiration from country and country pop with the merge of superstars like Adele but as times moved, she has also found a love for newer artists like Lennon Stella. Since this, Bethany now describes her sound as “chill pop” but “it’ll probably make you cry”

Starting her writing journey at 12, along with her love for singing that was already there, Nelson soon found what she loved and realised she wanted to do it forever. In 2019 she moved to London to pursue music and has never looked back.