Nell's presents


Saturday 6th October

Tickets £20   | Doors 19:30

D-Influence are bringing back their fresh and timeless sound via a series of live shows.

D-Influence, comprised of vocalist Sarah Ann Webb, guitarist & keyboardist Ed Baden-Powell, Keyboardist and MC Kwame Kwaten and saxophonist Steve Marston, created a distinct sound, which placed them at the forefront of the Acid Jazz and UK Soul movement.

Why now??

2016 saw the band coming back together after 18 years to begin performing a series of live shows. “It just felt right. Every year for the last few we have gathered together to rehearse as mates and just once we posted a 15 second video on instagram. A promoter called us pretty much immediately to do a show. Normally we say no, but this time it just felt right. That show sold out – which led to another and another …”

“Sarah Ann Webb sang her storytelling lyrics with power and accuracy. The band has lost none of its sass.” FINANCIAL TIMES

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