Nell's presents

Gareth Gates

Thursday 10th October

Tickets £25   | Doors 19:30

Gareth Gates was famously runner up to will Young in the UK’s first Pop Idol. Instead of disappearing into ‘Pop Oblivion’ he carved out a very successful career for himself, having hits and travelling worldwide.

In the UK alone Gareth sold 3.5 million records, released 3 albums and had 4 UK number 1 singles. He won record of the year in 2002 and with that has the second best selling single of the ‘noughties’ with Unchained Melody. Gareth was only beaten for best selling single of the decade by his fellow competitor; that years winner Will Young with the song Evergreen. Outside of the UK Gareth was awarded Best International Male in 2003/4 from MTV Asia, MTV China and MTV Taiwan.

During this time it is well documented that Gareth continued to struggle with his speech – something that had been a challenge for his for many years and stuck in people’s minds with the, now infamous, Pop Idol audition. He decided to take positive action and enrolled on the McGuire Programme. This, it’s fair to say changed his life both personally and professionally. From being unable to partake in a pre-recorded interview without agonising discomfort he appeared on the Jonathan Ross show in 2007. It was here he showed the charming and amusing side, that before the speech therapy programme wouldn’t have been possible. Gareth has since trained and is a qualified course instructor – but still has to work on his speech on a daily basis.