Nell's presents

Junkiri Sessions

Saturday 3rd December

Tickets £25   | Doors 19:00

Live, laugh, love your way through the line up for the next Junkiri Live stage on Dec 3, featuring
@amankarna [EP Launch]
We welcome you all again for another beautiful Junkiri night. Let’s all come together again to celebrate music with these amazing talents we have lined up. It’s also a special night as Aman Karna is launching his EP and we can’t wait to hear it out.


A guitar in hand, busking around the streets of New York, Ankit Shrestha has risen in Nepali music as gradually as it was inevitable. The soulful mellow in the songs he puts out today have undergone a decade of transformation in genre and style; he was initially into classic/punk rock and metal, and was even a part of some metal bands before he left for the USA. The USA-based singer/songwriter left Nepal in pursuit of an education in music, whereby his solo journey commenced. From Ocean City, Maryland to New York, Ankit ventured independent music-making and is today one of the most genuine voices in the Nepali indie music scene. His 2013 release ‘The Underwater Song’ garnered him considerable appraisal and following and he has since released two Eps, ‘Kathmandu Saharma’ and ‘Fingers and Fables’. His self-composed songs, some written in English and some in Nepali, usually present abstract stories of love and life inspired from personal experience and ideas. ‘Yaadharu’, ‘Katha’, ‘Anaginti Aatma’, are some of his most listened-to songs today.

WENOSTAL is a dream-pop duo consisting of Nitika (Vocals) and Subin (guitar/backing vocals). The pair released their first single ‘Your face, my place’ in 2020. Subin produced the music himself at home studio, focusing the sound around Nitika’s soothing voice, soft lo-fi textures and dark, soulful beats. Their music gives nostalgic feelings. Hence, Wenostal.

YUGAL GURUNG is a London based singer/songwriter whose style of music is punctuated by a unique blend of soulful grooves, a humble voice and a laid-back demeanour. He has recorded two albums from the comfort of his attic studio. ‘Afno Sansaar’ (2018) translates to My world where he has discovered his sound and nurtured them.’Lukamari'(2020) is a collection of thoughts and memories compiled in various songs, particularly his endeavors to stay in touch with his childhood dreams, memories and thoughts.

AMAN KARNA is a musician and music producer based in Kathmandu, Nepal. Having started his music journey 15 years ago when he first picked up a guitar, it has been in the last 5 years that he has found passion for electronic music and music production. He is currently the guitarist and producer for indie band Phosphenes but has also recently released his first solo EP ‘Mixed Bag’ which is a contemporary electronic music-based work. Aman is currently working on his second EP which is going to be launched in this ‘Junkiri Live’ event. We will be among the first audience to hear him on the night, exciting times.