Nell's presents

Junkiri Sessions

Saturday 18th December

Tickets £20   | Doors 18:30

Nells welcomes Junkiri Sessions

Come celebrate end of the year with a bang!! Let’s all come together again and have a good time like we did before. All the performers are Nepalese diaspora bringing a new wave of music.


YUGAL GURUNG is a London based singer/songwriter whose style of music is punctuated by a unique blend of soulful grooves, a humble voice and a laid-back demeanour. He has recorded two albums from the comfort of his attic studio. ‘Afno Sansaar’ (2018) translates to My world where he has discovered his sound and nurtured them.’Lukamari'(2020) is a collection of thoughts and memories compiled in various songs, particularly his endeavours to stay in touch with his childhood dreams, memories and thoughts.

AMAZUMI is a Nepali artist raised in Hong Kong, introduced to the HipHop scene in London and made in Belgium. She began honing her skills in local cyphers, open mics and self-organised events, and found herself exploring her identity again through her own music. Her nomadic life of country-hopping is reflected in the nomadic stance she takes in music – highly experimental, versatile and progressive with genre-bending tendencies.

WENOSTAL is a dream-pop duo consisting of Nitika (Vocals) and Subin (guitar/backing vocals). The pair released their first single ‘Your face, my place’ in 2020. Subin produced the music himself at home studio, focusing the sound around Nitika’s soothing voice, soft lo-fi textures and dark, soulful beats. Their music gives nostalgic feelings. Hence, Wenostal.

KALPANA PUN, a singer/songwriter, crafts a seamless meld of intimate acoustics and dreamy pop, with lyrics that are profoundly cool, catchy and emotionally intelligent. ‘Freesia’, ‘Awake’, ‘All I am’, to name a few.