Nell's presents

Luka Bloom

Saturday 19th October

Tickets £20   | Doors 19:30

Luka Bloom likes to move away from the beaten track and stay in the memory. He is probably the prototype of the musician of soft tones. For over 30 years, he has been picking up on alleged everyday occurrences in his songs and making them sensitive, soulful songs without kitsch or pathos. His poignant, emotional voice ensures pure goose bumps. Luka Bloom is not only an ingenious songwriter, but also an amazing guitarist and an incredible singer. With great feeling and authenticity, Bloom creates wonderful songs full of mood. He has the talent to dress his poetic and direct lyrics always in the appropriate tones and the words also just leave out if they are not enough to describe his impressions.

Over the years, Luka Bloom has brought his inspirational lyrics and poignant melodies to life in clubs, theatres, festivals and arenas around the world.