Nell's presents

Penny and Sparrow

Wednesday 7th September

Tickets £15   | Doors 19:30

It’s easy to fall for the effortless, amiable charm of Jon Middleton and Roy Vizer. Seasoned musicians and long time friends, their brand of indie folk rock is a genre in itself; one that evokes freewheeling summer days, winding stretches of road, the pull of the journey. With over 50 million streams worldwide, it’s clear many others have been captivated by Jon and Roy and the stories they tell.

Jon and Roy’s 9th studio album Know Your Mind is a composed collection of 7 brand new songs that touch upon the classic Jon and Roy themes of love, presence, hardship and joy, while also pausing to reflect upon the tumultuous nature of this past year. A compelling lyricist, Middleton is renowned for not always sharing the meaning behind the songs; instead encouraging the listener to draw upon their own personal experiences to find connection. With Know Your Mind, he’s shied away from this ambiguity, instead weaving together themes of connection (or lack thereof), nostalgia, change, and hope.

Jon and Roy’s live shows are well known for Middleton’s stirring performances coupled with Vizer’s instinctive rhythm and impeccable time keeping. In recent tours, the inclusion of a horn section have lifted these performances to even greater heights; it’s not uncommon to see packed venues turn into sweaty, joy-filled dance parties. As restrictions gradually lift, it will be to more of these sell out crowds that Jon and Roy return to. With their eyes on new audiences and bigger venues, both in Canada and Europe, their return to live performance will be all the sweeter after this enforced long absence.