Are there any age limits?
Nell’s operates an 18+ policy.

My friend is now using my ticket, do I need to get the name changed?
Please email and we will be able to assist.

When can I arrive?
The doors for Nell’s open at 7:30. This can sometimes change, so do keep an eye out.

I’m arriving by taxi – where shall I get dropped?
Nell’s is situated at 3 North End Crescent, West Kensington, London W14 8TG

How do I perform at Nell’s?
Please send submissions for future reference to Lewis at:

How do I hire the venue?
Please email Lewis at: with any enquiries on hiring the venue.

Is the venue seated or standing?
This will depend on the event, some events will be seated, some will be standing. However there will tend to be limited seats at all standing events, which will be dealt first come first serve.

Can you take in food to Nell’s?
Strictly no food or alcohol to be brought into the venue (except for dietary requirements). If found in possession they will be confiscated. There will be bars available at the venue. All stalls selling alcohol will be operating a strict ‘Challenge 25 policy’. If you are lucky enough to look 25 or younger, please make sure that you bring an acceptable form of identification, which includes:

  • An in-date photographic driver’s licence or provisional licence
  • A valid passport (not a photocopy) – out of date passports will NOT be accepted
  • A Proof of Age Standards Scheme Card (showing the PASS hologram).

 Anyone found to be using identification that is not their own will result in the identification being confiscated and possible prosecution for both the owner and the individual fraudulently attempting to use it.

Any open containers of alcohol will need to be disposed of before leaving the venue.

Is there wheelchair access at the venue?
There is no easy wheelchair access. If you are in a wheelchair, please contact us at for further arrangements.

In addition, we may provide ticket holders that would be unable to attend without use of a personal assistant (PA), and are in receipt of one or more of the following, with a ticket at no additional cost for one PA:

• Middle or Higher rate DLA for care and/or mobility
• CredAbility Access Card – + 1 category requirement
• A recognised Assistance Dog ID Card.

Entry will be available when you present your matching ID upon arrival and are with your personal assistant. This will not be sent to you in advance, and we will not issue any PA passes without matching ID, so please remember to bring this with you to avoid disappointment!

Can I enter and leave the venue whenever I want throughout the day?
Unfortunately not. Once you leave the venue you will not be allowed back in.

Can I buy a ticket on the day?
If there is any left you simply head on over to the venue and you will be able to purchase a ticket, this will be however be dearer than the advance ticket price.

Cash or card payments will be accepted to purchase your ticket (including fees)

What times will the on-site ticket box office be open?

Can I bring recreational drugs into the venue?
No. Any person found to be in possession of unlawful drugs will be denied entry into the venue.